One Decision that Costs You Clients and Cash

content for health coaches limiting beliefs online program Apr 18, 2024

Imagine sitting at a business crossroads with two paths stretching out before you, each promising different opportunities and challenges. 

Now, picture yourself stuck at that crossroad, unable to choose a path. 

This indecision, this hesitation, is not just a moment of pause - it's actively costing you. 

In the world of wellness and health entrepreneurship, there’s one crucial decision we all need to make. 

If left unmade, it doesn't just stall your progress, it drains your potential earnings and repels the very clients you want to help.

It’s the foundation of your marketing strategy

It’s the key to your business growth. 

It’s the answer to unlocking a stream of dedicated clients.  

Yet, so many of you shy away from making this choice.

You don’t realise the high price of your indecision. 

Are You Stuck in Neutral with Your Wellness Business? 

If, despite all your efforts, your wellness business just isn’t taking off the way you dreamed it would, here’s the likely culprit…

There's a good chance it hinges on one pivotal decision you might have been dodging: dialing in your niche.

We see so many of you indecisive about your niche, and frankly, how is not deciding on your niche making you feel? 




Let’s talk about what this is costing you. 

Mentally, it’s exhausting. 

Sitting in the constant back and forth and throwing your hands up in frustration is a drain on your energy.

And, it robs you of the clarity and focus you need to serve your clients. 

Business-wise, it’s even pricier. 

Without a clear niche, your message scatters, failing to resonate deeply with anyone. 

Imagine the flood of ideal clients you're missing out on - clients who are searching for someone exactly like you, someone who speaks directly to their unique challenges and goals. 

By not choosing a niche, you're not just stalling; you're actively turning away opportunities and revenue every single day.

You’re getting in your own way. 

Why do so many of you get stuck here? See if any of these reasons feel true for you. 

Fear of Missing Out

It's common. So many wellness experts and coaches worry that picking a niche might box you in. 

What about all those potential clients outside your niche? 

Aren’t you crazy to turn away clients? 

Here’s the thing – niching down often leads to more clients, not less. 

It allows you to speak directly to the needs of a specific group, so they feel like you’re inside their head, you know everything about them, including how to solve their problems! 

This results in more effective marketing, and clients that want to work with YOU, not anyone else. 

The Buffet of Possibilities

Not sure which direction to go because you have multiple passions? It’s not just you!

But here's a nugget of truth – clarity comes from action. 

Picking a path and walking it is the best way to discover if it's right for you.

And, you’re not limited to just one niche, or just one type of client! However, we suggest you start with one and get clients flowing in, before you start with another. If you chase two rabbits….. 

Expertise... or Lack Thereof?

If you’ve ever felt like a fraud or an imposter, just stop it! Seriously! 

Just. Stop. 

You know more than you think, and more importantly, you likely know MUCH more than your clients do. 

Expertise isn’t just about credentials; it’s about results. 

And you get those by focusing and diving deep into your chosen niche.

Trends Fade. Fundamentals Don’t.

Worried about chasing a fad that will fade out? 

It’s simple. Focus on foundational health principles within your niche (which, we’re sure you’re doing anyway). 

Good health and wellness aren’t trends – the principles last a lifetime, and let’s be real, it’s what our clients really need.

But my skills can help so many more people!

Yes. We know. 

However, broad isn't always better. 

Trying to help everyone only dilutes your message. Do you really want to blend in with the crowd of online wellness offers, or stand out as the expert in “your” space? 

If you have a cardiac problem, do you want to see a GP or a cardiologist? 

We can tell you which one gets better results, is more profitable, AND more satisfying. 

What’s Really Holding You Back?

Sometimes, it’s just fear of making the wrong decision. 

But remember, not deciding is a decision in itself – one that’s costing you time, growth, and yes, cash.

And, if it doesn’t work, you can always make another decision!

Wouldn’t you rather feel clear about your business direction, than continue to feel overwhelmed, stuck and frustrated? 

Take the Leap – Set a Deadline

What could it mean for your business (and your finances) if you were clear on your niche? 

Here’s your challenge: Give yourself 3 days. Three days to decide on a niche. 


Because testing the water is the only way to truly know if it’s the right fit. 

Make a decision, and make that decision the right decision. 

Take the plunge, and adjust as you learn. 

That’s business. That’s growth.

Need a Hand?

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Choosing your niche isn’t just a minor detail that you can overlook – it’s a pivotal decision that will define the future of your wellness business. 

Don’t let indecision keep you from the success you deserve. 

Decide, take action, and watch as your business transforms!