What Every Wellness Practitioner Must Have for A Successful Business

attract clients ideal client marketing niche success Sep 16, 2020

It still blows my mind how many nutrition & wellness practitioners don’t think that they need the single most important thing in any business to make it a success… a Niche!

Knowing your niche is the key to having a successful, sustainable business that you actually LOVE!

Your niche is the combination of WHO you serve, WHAT their one big problem is, and HOW your service solves that for them.

Having a niche in your business does amazing things:
  • It makes it super easy for clients to see that you’re the practitioner for them
  • It opens doors to endless opportunities
  • You become more focused and with that comes more creativity and ideas
  • You can become an expert and feel more fulfilled by your work
  • It makes marketing easier and way more effective (heard the saying, “if you market to everyone, you market to no one?”)

Let’s break it down a bit more (because while it’s the ONE single most important thing in any business, it’s also often really tricky to wrap your head around).

WHO – the first part is the people you serve, also known as your ‘target market’. Think more along the lines of a ‘community’ rather than what is typically taught in marketing these days, your ‘ICA’ or ‘Ideal Client Avatar’ (I think the whole ICA thing is too granular and it is also quite discriminatory… so I teach my clients to think of communities of clients all grouped together through the big problem that they have/the result they want).

WHAT – This is the one big problem that they want to be solved asap (and that they are willing to pay you good money to help them solve it!) Often practitioners don’t pick a problem with enough gumption to it, and they try to market to something like “people who want to feel healthy” You’re WHAT needs to be a high priority for your person to solve, so think things that are impacting their lives on a daily basis.

HOW – This part of the Niche formula is your method or process for helping your ideal client/target market solve their big problem. The most successful entrepreneurs develop a ‘signature system’ that they become known for. You might have the basic steps of a signature system already – if you’ve been working with a certain type of client for a while just think of the typical steps you take them through.

" If you don’t yet have a clear idea of your niche, then make figuring it out a priority for the next 30 days. Even just a ‘starter niche’ – you don’t have to stick with it and you CAN change your mind. Try then focusing your marketing towards that niche for 90 days and see what happens."

(And no, choosing a niche doesn’t mean that you have to turn people away… at least not at the beginning. Trust me though, once you’re attracting an abundance of your ideal clients then you will happily refer on anyone outside your niche 😉)

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Hayley x