How You Can Make More Money tomorrow in your Wellness Biz

content marketing online program social media marketing Apr 10, 2024

“I just can’t find new clients” 

“Clients aren’t willing to buy packages, only single consults” 

“My business just isn’t growing”

“I wish I could contribute more financially to my family” 

“I’ve tried everything to attract new clients” 

“My social media posts get crickets”

These are stories we hear daily from wellness praccies and coaches around the world. Sound familiar? 

If you’ve ever thought something similar, we’ve got some truth bombs to drop today. 

Here’s where things might get a little uncomfortable…. Buckle up! 

Most wellness professionals are quietly waiting for clients to discover them, like hidden treasures. 

They expect them just to turn up, like the postie delivering your Amazon package. 

Unlike Amazon though, most wellness professionals are not lighting up a billboard, banging a drum, or sending out the bat signal for their life changing programs or services. 

Why is this? 

Why do we hide our skills? 

Why do we minimise our strengths? 

Why do we not invite clients to work with us? 

It’s like keeping all your herbal remedies in the cupboard and expecting people to get better! 

It doesn’t make sense. 

Here’s what we know: You, my friend, are in the business of changing lives. 

But, you’re also, undeniably, in the business of marketing. Without spreading the word about your amazing services, how will the people who need you the most, find you? 

Yes, yes, we know you trained to be a health professional, not a marketing mogul. 

But, here’s another truth bomb: 

Without marketing, there is no business. 

Without making offers, there are no sales. 

Without sales, well, it’s hobby time. 

We want to flip the script, so that you go from being a hidden gem to a household name! 

So, how can you start making more money in your wellness business as soon as tomorrow? 

Spoiler alert: It involves stepping out of the shadows and into the marketing spotlight. 

Oh no…. Before you go running for cover…. We are NOT talking about becoming a pushy salesperson.

Far from it. 

We’re talking about sharing your unique value and making genuine offers to help those who need you most. 

Have you ever considered that you are the solution to someone’s problem? 

They are searching for you… 

Desperate to find your solution… 

Are you ready for them? 

Here’s some things you can do TODAY to make more offers to more people:

Social Media Blitz: 

Spend an hour crafting and scheduling posts for the next week. 

Each post should end with a clear call-to-action (CTA). 

Invite your followers to book a free consultation, download your latest guide, or join your next webinar. 

Make it easy and irresistible.

Email Your List: 

You have a list of people who’ve already shown interest in what you do. 

Craft an engaging email letting them know how you can help them transform their lives. 

Offer a limited-time discount or bundle package that adds value to their purchase.

Networking Online: 

Get active in online communities where your ideal clients hang out. 

Offer valuable insights, answer questions, and subtly let them know how your services can solve their problems. 

It’s about being helpful, not salesy.

Run a Flash Sale: 

Create urgency and scarcity by offering a flash sale on one of your popular programs or products. 

Make sure you highlight the benefits and outcomes of your offering, not just the features.

Host a Free Workshop: 

Pick a problem that you know your ideal clients struggle with and host a free, value-packed workshop. 

Use this as an opportunity to showcase your expertise and soft-sell your services or products at the end.

Direct Outreach: 

Identify 10 potential clients you’d love to work with and reach out directly with a personalized offer. 

Be genuine, highlight how you can help them specifically, and make it easy for them to say yes.


Now, we’re not saying you should do all of these today (hello, overwhelm!), but pick one or two strategies that resonate with you and give them a shot. 

The key is consistent action and genuinely showing up for your audience.

Remember, you’re not just a wellness professional; you’re changing lives. 

And for that change to ripple out into the world, you need to step into the marketing game, even if it’s just one small step at a time.

What’s your one small step going to be? 


Hayley & Kylie 

P.S. Remember, talk about the solution you have, the transformation they’ll get. No one cares (really) about who you are, what your qualifications are, or how many consults you need with them. They care about - What can you do for me? So, tell them!