If you're like most health and wellness experts we speak with, then writing hooks and captions for your social media posts and videos feels way out of your comfort zone!

And no wonder! You're a health expert, not a copywriter... 

Of course you feel salesy when you don't have the formula!

If only there was a way you could know what to write, so you could just get on and write the thing!

Well, there is!
If you’re ready to take writing hooks, captions and call-to-actions from cringe-worthy to charismatically client-attracting... for just one tiny payment of $17 USD /$27 AUD... then keep reading!


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FILL-THE-BLANK COPY FORMULAS (with examples!) like these, that can be adapted for any niche in the health, wellness and fitness space... all designed for maximum engagement:

>> How many (ideal clients) I helped to _____ through my _______ (e.g. How many couples I helped become parents through my fertility practice last year)

>> My top three secrets for _____ (e.g. My top three secrets for staying motivated at the Gym).

Use them to create Hooks for Reels, Captions, Email Subject Lines, Ads Headlines and More!

PLUS: You Get a Huge Collection of Strategic CALL TO ACTIONS to use on all your captions, just like these: 

Comment below {KEYWORD} 👇 if you’d like to…

>> Send this to someone who needs to hear this today
>> Save this for when you need a reminder

The CTAs are designed to get more shares, saves and comments (which makes the algorithm HAPPY!)


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Who Created these Viral Video & Caption Hooks and Amazing CTAs?

Word Wizards, that's who.



Hayley is known as the "Programs Queen!" She coaches practitioners to create a profitable & prosperous online business they love, and teaches them how to run it working smarter, not harder. She's a whizz with words and can help you quickly gain clarity around your ideal client, niche, marketing plan and group program or membership structure, all with the real life know-how of a practitioner who has herself created & ran 2 successful multi 6-figure online group programs for 5 years. 


A Nutritionist herself, Kylie is also an Ads and Online Marketing Expert, having run her own Ads Agency for the past 5 years. As a self confessed software junkie and funnels nerd, Kylie is an expert coach for health practitioners who need systems and structure to make their business flow. Highly trained in copywriting and messaging, she helps practitioners land more clients with effective online marketing that works on autopilot! Even the most tech-phobic practitioner feels confident when they have Kylie in their corner!


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