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Practitioners are Burning Out Trading Time for Money, Struggling with either Too Many or Too Few Clients!


And a Burnt Out Health Practitioner is No Good to Anyone!

We know what it's like to end a busy week in the clinic feeling like you need to check yourself into a month-long health retreat.

(and then realising that even if you could afford the $$ to do that, you couldn't take time off from your business!)

The 1:1 consult by consult model doesn't serve us as practitioners, and it's also not serving our clients...

We know as Health & Wellness Practitioners that healing takes time, and we need 3-6 months minimum to help our clients. 

So why are we only offering them "the next session"??

Imagine a model of practice that allowed you to help more clients & earn more money... without burning out?

A business that allowed you to deliver better client outcomes, work from anywhere, serve more of your favourite clients and enjoy consistent $10k plus months!


  • Feeling calm, balanced and clear-headed in your business

  • Earning an uncapped income working only with your favourite clients

  • Enjoying more time freedom and flexibility with your work schedule

  • A schedule that has space for your own self care (so you can actually practice what you preach!)

  • Feeling deeply satisfied by working with your ideal clients at a deeper level, knowing you are offering them true transformation!

Have You Heard About Hybrid Health Programs?

A Hybrid Health Program is the Smartest way for Practitioners, Coaches & Therapists to Make More Money, Get Back their Time and Deliver True Transformation!

It’s the strategic combination of 1:1 Consults or Sessions, any Testing or Assessment you need, Group Coaching Calls, an Online Curriculum with Video Lessons & Handouts and a Community.



Health Practitioners, Coaches & Therapists Just Like You Are Creating $10k + Months with a Signature Hybrid Program...


You Right Now:

❌Trying your best to cram as much as you can into a consult, never feeling like there's enough time to share everything..

❌Frustrated with clients who vanish after 1-2 consults,  or who don't stick to their proto col between sessions (argh!)

❌ Drowning in emails and messages from clients between consults, feeling like you need boundaries the size of castle walls!

❌ Burning Out with your patient load and feeling trapped with an income ceiling... 

❌ Feeling Lost because no matter how many posts you do, you just aren't attracting enough clients

You with a Hybrid Program:

βœ”οΈ Clear on your niche and the big problem they have (that they are willing to invest in solving)

βœ”οΈ An Ideal Client Magnet easily attracting your perfect-fit patients who beg to work with you in your program

βœ”οΈ The owner of a powerful Signature Program and Marketable Method that you become known for & clients 'get'

βœ”οΈ Earning more than ever before, while working less hours in your business

βœ”οΈ Inundated by opportunities for collaboration & speaking engagements as an expert in your field (because of your Niched Marketing and Signature Program!)










A Signature Hybrid Program was my secret to quadrupling my income

and halving my hours, and I want to show you how you can do that too!


Hello, I'm Hayley

I’m Hayley, expert ‘Signature Program Creator’ and Online Business & Marketing Coach for Nutrition & Wellness Entrepreneurs.

After a 10 year career in Marketing & PR – I dragged my fried adrenals back to study Nutrition & Naturopathic Medicine.

In my practice I was forever perfecting my systems in clinic and online, launching packages, group programs, and online courses...

I finally found a way to work 3 days a week online, earn multi 6 figures a year and my patients had never been happier!

Since 2017 I've been helping other practitioners create their dream online practice.


Hello, I'm Kylie

As a Nutritionist & Bowen Therapist, I was always looking for ways to market my practice. 

I discovered digital marketing and social media ads and fell in love...

479,234 hours of training later, I launched & ran my own Digital Marketing & Ads Agency for 5 years, helping large health brands & practitioners to grow their business.

I now help & coach practitioners to create marketing systems for their business & attract their favourite clients!



The Package & Prosper Mastermind

 The Package & Prosper Mastermind is a High Level Business, Mindset & Marketing Coaching Program Designed Specifically for Health & Wellness Entrepreneurs.


The Program is designed to walk you, step-by-step, through everything you need to design, launch & deliver a successful 6-Figure Signature Hybrid Program that gives your clients the transformational experience they crave.



Your Path to a 6-Figure Virtual Program & Business You Love!

When you Enrol in Package & Prosper, we literally hold your hand and walk through creating this Roadmap for your very own Hybrid Health Program!



Uplevel Your Mindset!

Throughout the program we are helping you to uplevel your mindset around money, programs, success and premium pricing.

  • Explore & Anchor In the 6 Premium Program Mindsets for Success so you can move forward & uplevel.
  • Create Your Money Mindset Mantra & Calculate Your Freedom Metrics so you can set clear money goals and achieve them!
  • Create a Daily Success Practice to keep your energy & vibration high and your head in the game!
  • Begin to Value Your Services in a Whole New Way with Powerful Coaching Exercises that help you ask for (and get!) premium program fees!
  • Bust through Limiting Beliefs, Blocks & Self Sabotage Patterns that you might not even realise have been holding you back.
  • Feel supported, Stretched & Held Accountable as Kylie & Hayley are both trained in NLP, Hypnosis & Transformational Coaching!




Nail Your Perfect Niche, Create Your Signature Method & Package up Your Program!

You will go through our powerful process to pick the most lucrative Program Niche, Create Your Signature Method & Design Your Hybrid Health Program!

  • Find a Program Niche you Love (and test it to make sure it's profitable!)
  • Develop your Niche Marketing Statement, so that you can easily explain who you help in less than 10 seconds!
  • Learn how to create a powerful Signature Method that forms the foundation of your Hybrid Health Program (and that you become known for... attracting ideal clients like bees to (organic) honey!)
  • Map Out All the Inclusions of your Hybrid Health Program with our signature template, helping you decide on modules, lessons & handouts to bring your program to life!
  • Learn To Find Your Program Price Point Sweet Spot with our value-based pricing method, so you can charge premium prices (and get them!)
  • Build out your Online Program Portal (using our templates) & Create an Easy to Operate & Visually Stunning Virtual Business Hub!




Attract An Abundance Of Clients (& Automate it!)

Develop a Clear Marketing Plan & Strategy to Promote your Hybrid Health Program, and feel confident knowing how to execute it! Here are just some of the Marketing Strategies You will Learn, Create & Implement!

  • Master your Messaging so your marketing powerfully connects with your ideal clients & patients and turns them into program participants
  • Learn our Soulful Sales Strategy so that you fall in love with Discovery Calls and feel confident to take prospective clients through this process.
  • Create Your Funnels & Lead Generation Strategies that will Bring You Constant & Consistent Leads to Your Program!
  • Develop a High Converting Webinar with our Proven Slide Deck & Promotion Strategies that works hard to bring you program enrolments.
  • Create a Lead Magnet that Grows Your List of Perfect-Fit Program Clients!
  • Attract Clients on Instagram with our complete Instagram Training that shows you what to actually do to get clients from the 'gram (and no, it's not just about posting 3 x a day!)
  • Create a Content Repurposing Strategy so that you're never stuck for content ideas and you learn to create content that's a beacon for clients!
  • Learn our 20 Minute Per Day System for Getting Clients from Facebook Groups (without doing things icky things like 'friend-farming' that will get you kicked out of groups!)
  • And... Check Out our Facebook & Instagram Ads Bonus!


PLUS All The Canva Templates, Scripts, Swipe Files, Examples & Written For You Materials You Need To  Plug & Play!

Imagine having a library of written for you sales & marketing materials designed specifically for health & wellness programs... so you can easily fill the blanks and fast track everything! Think lead magnet templates, webinar slide decks, client agreements, emails, social media posts, hashtag sets, scripts for social media lives, Ads images and copy.... and more!


WARNING! Please don't make the mistake of thinking this is just another online course!

This is high-level 1:1 coaching AND the power of a group mastermind all rolled into one powerful program!

You receive 1:1 Laser Coaching every single week on our mastermind zoom calls... so you keep moving forward, never get stuck, and have our support every step of the way!

PLUS you can post your program map, marketing materials & scripts for us to provide edits and direction on... yes, we are literally helping you write & create EVERYTHING!!

"Hayley has a fantastic knack of helping you get clear on what you want and then showing you how to do it. I have created my Signature System and now work with my clients in groups! I am so happy that I took this step and highly recommend Hayley’s mastermind to anyone who wants to work smarter, not harder in their business"



"Hayley has literally turned me around in just 5 months from quitting my naturopathy practice to signing 30 NEW CLIENTS into my new 3 and 6 month $2500 signature program. And the discovery calls keep rolling in! I’m FINALLY practicing in a way that feels authentic and like it’s ok to be me!"



Your 6 Month Long High Level Coaching, Business & Marketing Training Intensive (exclusive for Health & Wellness Entrepreneurs!)



♥1:1 Laser Coaching

The Package & Prosper Mastermind includes a mix of weekly laser coaching sessions so you can accelerate your results, all within a group mastermind environment so you’re being inspired & supported by your peers and have our marketing & business savvy focused on YOU.

Every week for 6 months you will receive 1:1 Laser Coaching with Hayley, Kylie & our Guest Coaches on our zoom calls for the Mindset & Strategy guidance you need for success! This gives you high level, frequent access to us so that you can keep moving forward building your program. We run 2-3 sessions per week and at least one call per week must be attended to get the most from this program.

The calls are designed for you to jump on & off as you need. While you don't need to stay for the whole call, our mastermind members tell us that listening to their peers being coached is one of the MOST VALUABLE parts of the whole thing! You will hear answers to questions you didn't even know you needed to ask... and learn so many golden nuggets from these calls!


Tuesdays 10am to 12pm 

Thursdays 9am to 11am 

Tuesday Evenings (alternate weeks) 6pm to 7pm  


Calls are recorded & time-stamped for quick future reference.


As soon as you Enrol in the Package & Prosper Mastermind, you get access to our powerful Online Curriculum with all the Modules, Video Trainings, Lessons, Workbooks, Checklists, Tutorials & Templates you need to create your Hybrid Health Program!

The curriculum is designed to go hand in hand with the weekly coaching calls and coaching hub support, to keep you on track with everything you need to create, launch & fill your Signature Program. Everything is designed so that you learn and then take action, and this keeps you on track building as you go!



The Package & Prosper Mastermind also includes daily access through the working week to your coaches, virtual assistant and other mastermind members so you never stay stuck for long.

You will receive Daily support & feedback inside Slack, our online Coaching Hub, to keep you feeling organised, on-track & implementing like a rockstar! You can ask quick questions, get feedback, feel motivated & stay focused. Our mastermind members tell us that our Coaching Hub is their favourite place to hang out on the internet!



Inside the Package & Prosper Mastermind, you have the opportunity to Upload your Work for Edits, Feedback and Direction.

We provide not only training & fill-the-blanks templates for all of the below, but also very detailed feedback, often in video or audio form, on the following:

  • Niche Statement
  • Signature Method
  • Hybrid Health Program Outline, Name & Pricing 
  • Lead Magnet Ideas & Designs
  • Your Webinar Slides
  • Landing Page Copy
  • Sales Pages
  • Your Discovery Call Script
  • and more!

It's almost like having us write your program & marketing materials!



Enrol on Day 1 BONUS 

Enrol on Monday and receive this amazing bonus worth $397!
Our complete, written for you, ready to sell Group Cleanse in a Box!!

This bonus includes everything you need to run your own 7,14 or 21 day Cleanse Program: Recipes, Cleanse Guide, Emails, Facebook Group Posts & Promotional Posts - all in Canva files for you to brand as your own!

Perfect to launch to your current client list for an income boost, plus you can rinse & repeat several times a year!


For new enrolments we will run 6 weeks of EXTRA coaching calls (one call per week) exclusively for you so we can help you fast track and kickstart you time in the Mastermind! Perfect to nail the foundations of your Signature Program like your Program Niche, Name and Signature System!


Facebook & Instagram Ads

An entire Ads Course & Strategy Coaching worth $3000!!


  • Learn the Ads Strategy that WORKS in the Health & Wellness space from our experienced Ads Expert!
  • Learn how to use Facebook & Instagram Ads to grow your list of ideal clients and drive program enrolments!
  • Steal our proven Ads Strategy & Copy so that your ideal clients can't resist clicking!

  • Ask questions, troubleshoot & review strategy with our Expert Ads Coach on Weekly Calls & inside Slack!

  • Discover how inexpensive Ads can Scale Your Reach so that you can smash through your income goals!


We Do the Tech for You!

Tech won't hold you back, because our Virtual Assistant will set up your Funnels & Email Integrations for you!


  • We set up your Lead Magnet Funnel & Email Sequences so you can get your lead magnet out into the hands of potential ideal clients (yes, we also have templates & trainings on lead magnets!)
  • We set up your Webinar Funnel & Email Sequences so you can quickly promote your client-attracting webinar (and yes, we also have training & slide deck templates to help you create your webinar!)
  • Extra ready-built Course Portal, Sales Page and even Website that you can easily plug & play to launch faster!
  • Plus, we give you daily support & encouragement to tackle any techy challenges so you become unstoppable!



Coaching Secrets Handbook

Easily integrate more 'coaching' into your client sessions to facilitate better transformations!

  • Uplevel your Coaching Skills with this 30 page eBook, so you can facilitate better client transformations!
  • Swipe our Coaching Session Framework to easily integrate coaching into your sessions!
  • Grab our extensive list of Powerful Coaching Questions so you will never be stuck for what to ask again!
  • Learn all of our best Group Coaching Secrets so you can both sell the idea of groups AND run amazing Group Calls for your program clients!


Branding Archetypes Alignment

This module helps you to create a personal brand and business that is in total alignment to who you are as a person and practitioner.

  • Uncover Your Personal Branding Archetypes & Infuse them into your business

  • Define what you are a stand for and truly value your expertise and what you offer

  • Finally have clarity on what sets you apart from other practitioners & create a brand that aligns at a soul level!

A Hybrid Health Program is the smart solution for More Money, Time Freedom & better Patient Outcomes!


"Hayley Stathis is the Queen of Programs!" 


"I loved being part of Hayley’s mastermind. She really understands the health and wellbeing industry & her marketing and coaching expertise has helped me so much. The program is well thought out, easy to follow and implement and I started seeing results after only 1 month in the mastermind!! Now my 'Nourished Gut Program' is launched and filling with clients!"



Is Package & Prosper Right for me?



This is perfect for you if:

  • You have experience working with clients and know how to get great results
  • You are ready to work smarter in your practice and scale beyond 1:1 clinic consults​
  • You are prepared to step outside your comfort zone and show up live on social media and run workshops and webinars (even if you get nervous, you'll do it!)
  • You are 100% committed to creating your dream business​
  • You are a qualified health practitioner or coach who has a passion for Nutrition & Helping Clients

This is perfect for you if:


❌You are not a health & wellness practitioner or coach

❌You won't do things that scare you and you're not willing to step up

❌The investment will stretch you too much financially and you don't have the means to invest at this level just yet (check out my other programs!)​

❌ You are not coachable and you don't like the idea of being in a mastermind and sharing ideas

❌ You don't have the time to dedicate to this program or on growing your business



Saying “YES” to this experience means showing up for yourself and your business in a whole new way, mentally, physically, and energetically.

This is the KEY to achieving everything you want. So is asking for support and being open to new ways of thinking. Sometimes, coaching can ‘bring stuff up’ and you may feel a bit challenged. Feeling uncomfortable is often a perfect sign that you are releasing obstacles and limiting beliefs, so get used to it!

Frequently Asked Questions: 


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